Classic nudes, The Kelpie, and others…


The Kelpie, Herbert James Draper

Lady Lever Art Gallery. Oil on canvas …from Lord Leverhulme’s private collection, 1922


Oriental dancer in a harem – Lecomte du Nouy

Oriental dancer in a harem by Jean Jules Antoine Lecomte du Nouy, Musee dOrsay, Paris, France

The Kelpie, Herbert James Draper (detail)

Andromeda in Greek mythology, legendary princess

Perseus Rescues Andromeda… As Perseus was on his way home from beheading the monster Medusa, he noticed Andromeda was chained to a rock and was facing being eaten from the sea monster Cetus…

Edward John Poynter, Diadumenè

‘Poynter, Letter to the Editor (The Times of London, May 28, 1885) …the simply beauty of the attitude so struck me when I saw it [the Esquiline Venus] in Rome for the first time four years ago that immediately on my return I took it up as a subject for my picture…’

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